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“I’ve wanted to be a scientist ever since I can remember and a marine biologist since I was nine years old so to actually do my own marine science research was so unbelievable. Since [marine science research projects] I am more confident I will be taking on a marine science career.”
– Camille, Semester 12

“You always know when a student comes back from CSG because there’s a solid spot in their center that wasn’t there before.”
– Teacher at St Ann School

“NCGS is pleased to be a partner to Coastal Studies for Girl’s challenging, unique and timely program for girls. Being a single-sex school is a defining feature of a community and educational philosophy. When women of any age pursue their passions they often discover new things about themselves. When such opportunities are extended to adolescent girls, the impact is tremendous and, in many cases, life-changing. We celebrate the CSG mission and support this unique venture. – Suzanne Beck, Executive Director of the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools

KatherineR “No teachers have ever loved me so much, or poured so much of themselves into what they do, made me feel as though I could shine quite this brightly and I wonder if they know how much they have changed my life.”
– Katherine, Semester 9

“I wholeheartedly support Coastal Studies for Girls. Opportunities abound on the Maine coast and engaging young women in exploration of the natural world around them, of other people and of themselves holds, much promise. Though I was fortunate to grow up in a Maine island community and be surrounded by the sea, I realize that is not the case for most. This school brings young women from Maine and blends them with girls from all over the nation — a one-of-a-kind experience!
Linda Greenlaw, Fisherman, Author, Honorary Chair of the CSG Campaign

“Because of CSG, I want to create opportunities for myself instead of waiting for them to appear.”
– Melissa, Semester 12

“The girls are back from Coastal Studies for Girls and they are profoundly changed! I cannot get over their maturity, poise, and general demeanor. It is incredible what you and your team have done. We are all grateful and very jealous!” – Meredith Rosenblatt, Assistant Principal, Queens School of Inquiry

We are so in awe of the changes in our daughter! Many thanks to all of you!” -Semester 11 parent


Being a leader doesn’t mean making big decisions for the group and choosing what happens. It means being the voice of all of those you are leading. -Emily, Semester 12

“7 out of the 9 acceptance letters my daughter received from College admissions offices noted CSG by name as the reason her application stood out.” – Semester 9 parent

“Here at CSG I have learned to be vibrant, adventurous, and courageous. I’ve been able to take on challenges and overcome all obstacles.”
– Brianna, Semester 12

“What we know from research and experience is that during adolescence, many young women drop out of the science ‘pipeline’. Coastal Studies for Girls will help influence and encourage more young women at an earlier age to pursue science students and careers.” – Dr. Theo Kalikow, President, University of Southern Maine

Caitlin and Dad


“Thanks again for everything you have done. The difference in Caitlin is amazing and recognized by everyone who knows her. Coastal Studies has brought out a side of our daughter that has made her a beautifully impressive young woman.”
Charles, CSG parent of two alums


“In a world where popular media beckons like a modern day Siren, Coastal Studies for Girls offers a true journey, one that takes a girl seriously and satisfies a quest for knowledge that’s real and lasting.” – Lyn Mikel Brown, Ed.D., Professor of Education and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Colby College

“I cannot express how incredible it feels to see the transformation in my daughter and to learn about who she is after all the growth Coastal Studies for Girls has catalyzed in her. I wonder how everyone there has produced this miracle, and I realize it is nothing less than one.”
Kathleen, CSG parent