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Academic FAQs

What classes does CSG offer?

CSG offers classes and extensive fieldwork in marine science, leadership, and the core curriculum: English, history, math, and multi-level French and Spanish. Visit the course description page for details about each course.

What are classes like?

Classes at CSG are experiential, interdisciplinary, and inspiring. Students engage in each subject through hands-on learning both in the classroom and off campus. Class sizes are small, ranging from 3-15 students per class.

How rigorous are your classes? Do you offer honors?

All CSG courses are academically rigorous. Every student enrolls in honors level English, history, and marine science. Students are not required to take math and/or foreign language at the honors level; however, those with a desire for extra challenge may do so.

Can I take AP courses and exams?

We do not offer AP courses; however, CSG can provide transportation to local test sites for spring semester students who are prepared to take AP exams.

What are the teachers like?

The faculty members at CSG are passionate about teaching and lifelong learning. They bring knowledge, creativity, and fun to the classroom. All faculty hold an advanced degree in the subject they teach. For more information on the individuals that make up this extraordinary team, take a look at their bios here.

Can I continue taking a course that isn’t offered at CSG?

Although not encouraged, students can arrange to complete an independent study for a course not offered at CSG. Please call to discuss, and to request an Independent Study Agreement Form. Independent studies require the consent of CSG, a parent/guardian, and a sending school supervising teacher for the class. Students assume all responsibility for the class, including structure, supervision, evaluation, and any associated costs for the class.

How will my credits transfer?

Your sending school decides how to apply the academic credits you earn at CSG toward your graduation requirements. We will coordinate with administrators from your sending school before you arrive at CSG to determine how they will recognize the work you complete at here.

What if I need extra help?

Our small community makes it easy for students to communicate with their teachers and make a plan for extra academic support. There is always a faculty member and a resident assistant at evening study hall to provide guidance and be a helpful resource. The students themselves are also a great resource; there is an abundance of peer support at CSG.