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Student Award Winners

Congratulations to semester 14 students, Raizel McNally and Clare Rigney, on their awards in a writing contest sponsored by the Freeport Historical Society titled Stories of Freeport’s Past: Celebrating Our Collection. The exhibit featured infrequently-seen items from the FHS collection and writers of all ages were invited to submit work inspired by an item in the exhibit. Raizel (who took third place) and Clare (who received an honorable mention) attended an awards banquet where they both read their entries. Four other S14 students also attended to support them.

to semester 14 student Solenne Miller and semester 12 student Anna Weimholt, recipients of a Dare to Dream grant from the Ann Bancroft Foundation. The program provides small grants to Minnesota girls to pursue a special interest, gain or improve a skill, or participate in an experience of their choice. Solenne and Anna received their grants to attend Coastal Studies for Girls.



Congratulations to From the Bow Seat 2016 Honorable Mention recipient Emily Comeaux (semester 12), for her prose entry We Live Here Too: A Collection of Stories from a Ruined Ecosystem.

The From the Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Student Contest was created to inspire next generation ocean stewardship.

The Ocean Awareness Essay Contest was launched by Linda Cabot in 2011 as a companion to her film, From the Bow Seat, an environmental documentary she filmed while sailing the Gulf of Maine with her family, including her two teenaged daughters. After seeing a sense of ocean stewardship blossom in her own daughters during their adventure and filming of From the Bow Seat, Linda founded and funded the Ocean Awareness Essay Contest to inspire ocean stewardship more broadly in high school students.

Initially students were invited to write about environmental issues that were highlighted in her film: the history of cod and overfishing in the Gulf, lobstering as a sustainable fishery and seabird restoration efforts (puffins). Since it’s inception in 2011, contest submissions have grown by over 50% annually with submissions from more than 15 states plus Canada.

Recently, the contest was renamed the “Ocean Awareness Student Contest.” Each year the contest invites high school students to explore a timely ocean environmental topic and create a submission that can take one of three formats: art, essay or advocacy. Linda personally reviews all contest submissions and is passionate about helping form the future caretakers of the ocean.

2016 Winner
Essay Honorable Mention
Emily Comeaux, Coastal Studies for Girls, Semester 12

2015 Winner
Essay Honorable Mention
Greta Mundt, Coastal Studies for Girls, Semester 10

2014 Winners
1st Place Essay Winner
Katherine Rigney, Coastal Studies for Girls, Semester 9

Essay Honorable Mention
Emma McGurren, Coastal Studies for Girls, Semester 9

Essay Honorable Mention and Judges’ Pick
Kate Laemmle, Coastal Studies for Girls, Semester 9

For the past five years, From the Bow Seat‘s annual contest has asked students to consider major ocean issues ranging from the plight of the right whale to seabird restoration projects and the role of forage fish.

The following Coastal Studies for Girls students are past award recipients 

Advocacy Film Judges’ Pick
Spencer Wollan (Semester 8)

Special Independent Essay Award
Susan Bell (Semester 7)

Honorable Mention Essay Winners
Railey Zantop-Zimlinghaus (Semester 7)
Heather Sieger (Semester 7)
Leah Rubin (Semester 7)
Emily Cox (Semester 4)
Nyrobi Tyson (Semester 3)