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Daily Schedule

A Sampling of Daily Life at CSG

6:30 Wake Up: Residential Staff or a student sings, plays or gently calls the students awake

7:00 Morning Solo: A walk to the shore for solo reflection by the Little River

7:45 Breakfast ~ fresh fruit, bagels, yogurt, granola, juice

8:20 English: Discussion on the importance of landscape in Rachel Carson’s work

9:20 Math: Unit tests in Geometry, Algebra II and Pre-Calculus

10:20 World Language: Finish writing the script for French and Spanish news broadcasts to be filmed and shown next week

11:20 History: Final research on the impact of the sailboat in modern history—Maine, the US and the world

12:20 Lunch: Seafood chowder, vegetarian Minestrone soup, fruit salad and fresh homemade biscuits

1:00 Marine Science (Monday, Wednesday/Friday):   Research team leaves to collect data at several Harraseeket River sites and returns to enter findings in database

1:00 Leadership Adventure (Tuesday/Thursday): Afternoon hike at Bradbury Mountain State Park and discussion of outdoor leadership roles and Leave No Trace principles

5:15 Dinner: Homemade brioche pizza with assorted vegetable toppings, garden salad, fresh blueberries with creme fraiche

6:00 Study Hall

8:00 Chores

8:15 Choice Time: Students shower, do laundry, play games, socialize, and connect with home

9:15 Closing Circle: Residential community debriefs the day by sharing highlights, concerns, announcements, and congratulations

10:00 Lights Out