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College and Alumnae Opportunities

At CSG, we refer to our alumnae as triumphant girls or wild women, and in truth they are these and much more. Our 190 alums are ambassadors, they’re leaders and scientists and awesome adventurers. You’ll find CSG girls in Harvard Square, at Everest Base Camp and studying in South Africa. It’s even becoming more and more common to hear CSG’ers speak at international science symposiums. Over 85% of our alumnae go on to enroll in higher education, and over a third are focused in a scientific path at a four year college or university. We are proud of the many grants and scholarships that CSG alumnae receive to attend college as it speaks to the strength of our academics and the determination of our triumphant girls.

Take a moment to view the page of College Acceptances to see the range of opportunities that CSG alum are poised to pursue.

College of the Atlantic offers CSG graduates 4 year scholarships.