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Community Service and Engagement

Our integrative curriculum provides two distinct methods of teaching the value of community engagement. Where the classroom learning ends, our residential curriculum picks up. Thematically, students move from personal observation, to thinking about voice and power in communities, to using their authentic voice as a catalyst for creating vibrant and joyful lives.

As we transition from learning our strengths as learners to thinking about outside communities, service plays a key role in our education. By working with diverse community stakeholders in a variety of contexts, we establish what creates a healthy community and bring that knowledge back to our lives at CSG. Examples of this include:

  • Studying Maine’s immigrant communities and volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club in Portland
  • Conducting research with the Freeport Historical Society and pitching in for a spring cleaning and garden restoration
  • Serving dinner at Preble Street Soup Kitchen in Portland and learning about food systems, poverty, and homelessness
  • Digging in for barn chores at Wolfe’s Neck Farm and investigating why local farms are important resources