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English: The Literature of Place

The Literature of Place is designed to explore our connections as humans to the world around us, and to consider how we are able to discover and share a sense of place and home through literature and writing. We will consider works by contemporary writers as well as selected classics in which the theme of sense of place is central to the meaning of the work. We’ll begin by considering different writers’ relationships with their environment and how they convey that relationship, and we will use that understanding to explore our own sense of place by writing creative essays, stories, and poems. We will also closely analyze the portrayal of landscape in literature, and make original, compelling arguments based on evidence for an academic audience. We will read carefully and deeply and learn how to write an entire research paper that analyzes just one paragraph of text.

By developing a sophisticated set of skills we will observe, reflect, analyze and refine our own voice and opinions about the environment around us, better preparing ourselves to understand both literature and the world. Students are asked to engage with passion, thoughtfulness, and awareness, and to be ready to question and to give voice to their ideas both on and off the page.