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In Leadership students learn the tangible business of creating joyful lives, vibrant communities and a more connected world. We ignite the spark, stoke the creative fire, and learn how to work with others to turn values into actions.  

We start with an understanding of self through observation and critical reflection. Using the latest research from neuroscience, positive psychology, and education, we consider our strengths and our roles in a social context. By articulating our relationships with challenge, unleashing our creativity, and experimenting with our own personal recipes for joy, we engage in the essential paradigm shift of viewing ourselves as powerful agents and leaders of our own lives.

Next, we investigate the perspective and tools necessary to collaboratively create a thriving learning community. Using the Marine Science Research Projects and the bunkhouse as our labs, we practice project management skills, communication and peer feedback techniques, strategies in conflict resolution, and group development models. Through expedition living and travel, we hone the “hard” skills to necessary to camp, cook, and travel in coastal Maine wilderness.  We explore the natural landscape to understand it, fall in love with it, and protect it.

Finally, we know it’s not just what we learn, but what we do with it that matters. At the end of each semester students create and share personal manifestos that integrate farmhouse experience and the return to their home communities. With new knowledge, new tools, and new relationships, we roll up our sleeves and dig into the gritty, soulful and rewarding work of creating a better world.