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Mapping Experience

ArcGIS or Geographic Information Systems is a software mapping program widely used by land use managers, conservationists, and scientists to overlay and analyze spatially relevant data. At CSG, students learn that experience is also valuable data and is integrally connected to place and often captured in multi-media forms. ArcGIS offers CSG students the tools to combine and overlay photo, video, writing and art while maintaining its geographical relevance.

During the semester, we used ArcGIS mapping (link HERE), for quantitative analysis and to tell the story of experience. We use ArcGIS technology through Story Mapping: engaging in communal reflection while giving a voice to individual perspectives. At the end of the semester, students use ArcGIS  to create individual portfolios and reflect on their semester experience.

To learn more about how we incorporate ArcGIS into our curriculum, visit the CSG Blog (link HERE).