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What is a Semester School?

Semester schools present students with the unique opportunity to learn, live, and explore outside of their regular schools for one semester of their high school career. While simultaneously providing students with continued core academics, semester schools are traditionally structured around central themes such as urban living, environmental sustainability, visual arts, and more. Semester schools use their distinctive locations to emphasize their central focus and foster intensive and place-based experiential learning, and bring together a distinctive curriculum and focus.

After attending and boarding at a semester school, students return to their regular high schools with new tools for success, a larger view of the world, and a stronger sense of themselves as learners and individuals. Students’ experiences while attending a semester school enhance their academic skills and give students a head start in their choices and opportunities after high school.

Coastal Studies for Girls is a proud member of the Semester Schools Network, a group of schools dedicated to offering semester-long school opportunities for high school students. For more information on other semester schools, visit the Semester Schools Network website.