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Affording a Semester

While we deliver an excellent educational program, we also realize that a semester’s tuition is significant, and may be challenging for some students and their families.

Welcoming an ethnically, socioeconomically and geographically diverse group of students is an essential part of our mission. With this in mind, it is our goal to make CSG available to any qualified young woman who applies.

We are fortunate to be able to offer a limited amount of financial aid each semester to families who demonstrate need. The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) assists us with our financial aid determinations through their School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) Parent Financial Statement (PFS). SSS aims to make the process easy, accessible and clear, and they provide an objective, consistent methodology for calculating a family’s ability to contribute to educational expenses.

SSS has written a document called “A Family Guide to Financial Aid” that might be helpful in providing a general overview of the financial aid process. Click here to view the document.

Our Financial Aid awards are offered based upon calculations you submit on the PFS form to the NAIS School and Student Services. Our financial aid offer will be sent to you with your admissions decision thus giving you the information you will need to make your final decision on attending Coastal Studies for Girls.

Financing Strategies 

All families are expected to make a financial contribution to their daughter’s Coastal Studies for Girls semester. While we will provide as much aid as we can, we recognize that the amount of tuition remaining after receiving a financial aid award might still present a financial gap for some families. Many CSG students have been successful in soliciting community support to attend a semester at CSG

The following strategies may help students who wish to initiate their own local fundraising effort:

• Our “Support Your Semester at CSG” booklet contains suggestions on how to get started fundraising on your own. (You can download an excerpt here: Support Your CSG Semester). Once your application has been received, reviewed and you are invited to attend, you can request the full booklet in pdf format, along with sample letters that have proven successful for past CSG students. Receiving the full booklet at that time is intentional, as students must be accepted based on merit before they actually begin fundraising. Should you have any questions about this, please contact us. As always, we are available to speak with you about this or any other aspect of the program. We can be reached at 207-865-9700.