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Character Recommendation

  • This form should be completed by a teacher, coach, camp counselor, family friend, or another adult who knows you well, but not a relative.
  • To the recipient of this form:
    The student who gave you this form is applying to Coastal Studies for Girls (CSG), a semester-long science and leadership school on the coast of Maine. CSG is a residential school community designed to encourage young women to reach their potential. We will live, work, eat, play, and study in this community for 16 weeks, immersed in a challenging and rewarding learning experience in a beautiful coastal landscape. In addition to Honor's level classes in English, history, math, and foreign language, CSG features a rigorous marine-science based curriculum that uses the coastal environment as a natural laboratory. Students will also participate in leadership adventures such as ocean sailing, kayaking, or rock climbing. Students will work collaboratively as well as independently, and must be highly motivated, mature, and community-minded. We are looking for young women who are interested in challenging themselves in every aspect, who are curious and open to new experiences, and who have a desire to make a difference for themselves and for their schools and communities.
  • Please tell us about the applicant and your connection to her, while considering the following:
  • Please evaluate the applicant in comparison with other girls her age using the following scale:

    Below Average
    Top 25%
    Top 10%

    If you have not observed the student in a particular area, please indicate this by selecting "N/A".

  • Thank you for taking the time to complete this recommendation. Your comments are very important to us!

    Jennifer Mathews, Interim Head of School