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The food at Coastal Studies for Girls is not simply nutritious, locally sourced, prepared on site, beautiful, and bountiful; it is legendary! Ask any alumnae, current or past staff member, visitor or friend and they will attest to the aptness of the endearing name by which our resident chef is commonly know: Gail the Goddess.

Gail prepares two carefully planned meals per day. She presents the food to the circle of students with an explanation of the nutrition, where and by whom the food was grown, caught or raised, and a description of why she chose the food combinations. Often these descriptions include an education component, a personal anecdote regarding the recipe and always ends with a thoughtful quote.

Gail’s cooking fills the farmhouse with savory aromas and loads of love. There is no way to describe the smiles and deep sighs of joy that spread among the students when the girls come back after a cold drizzly morning collecting plankton and are  greeted with the  smell of roasting almonds, oatmeal, and the secret ingredients of Gail’s famous granola.

For many students, their semester at CSG is the first time that they have experienced a reduced sugar diet, and they notice the positive difference in their energy and attitude. The experience of eating healthful local foods is one that students decide to continue and promote when they return to their home communities. Many CSG students have even advocated for and received credit in Nutrition from their sending schools by referencing the knowledge of healthy eating and sustainable food systems which they learned during their semester. Weekly menu sample.