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Student Life FAQs

What does a typical day at CSG look like?

Most days start with a walk to the solo field for 20 minutes of quiet reflection, followed by a hearty breakfast. The rest of the morning and afternoon are spent in classes, which take place in the farmhouse, the yurt, the lab, the mudflats, the estuary, or even further along the coast in places like Acadia National Park or the White Mountains. After dinner, students have study hall, about 15 minutes of chores, and then some free time before closing circle and bed. For sample schedules, visit our calendars page.

Who makes up your Residential Life Staff?

CSG’s Residential Life Staff is made up of a Head Resident and three Resident Assistants. They live with students in the farmhouse where they provide mentorship, support, and dynamic programming. They are passionate about working with girls and dedicated to nurturing a positive residential community for everyone. Take a look at their bios for more information on this semester’s Res Life Team.

How do students stay in touch with friends and family?

Students stay in touch with family and friends through landline phones and the internet. We strongly encourage girls and families to participate in letter writing, as these handwritten treasures offer a piece of love, time, and personality that can be revisited over and over again throughout the semester. We ask our students to leave cell phones at home so they can deepen their connection to themselves, one another, and the natural beauty of the world around them.

When can families visit?

There are three times during the semester when families are invited to visit students: The Coffee House Poetry Evening, Marine Science Presentations/Family and Friends Day weekend, and End of Semester events.

What happens on weekends?

Weekends offer further opportunities for students to slow down and recharge, as well as to explore the historical, cultural and ecological richness of Maine. Saturdays provide time for class field trips that allow students to explore their academic interests in greater depth. Sundays give students a chance to catch up on cleaning, communication with home, and well-deserved relaxation. A more in-depth look at a typical weekend can be found here.

Are there sports at CSG?

There are no traditional team sports at CSG, but exercise is a central part of residential life. Though the athletic curriculum varies from year to year, activities have included ultimate frisbee, yoga, soccer, and training for a 5K run. Students also stay active by hiking, kayaking, and snowshoeing in the Leadership Adventure course.

What should I bring/What should I leave home?

We provide students with an in-depth packing list prior to the start of the semester. It describes all of the items you will need for a successful semester.