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Coastal Connection

Please call the school to check for availability before applying, 207-865-9700.

Age Rising 6th and 7th grade girls
Dates July 10-14, 2017 or July 17-21, 2017
Tuition $750
Tuition covers all program instruction and materials, room & board, and enrichment activities such as field trips, and leadership adventures. A 50% deposit will be due with application to ensure participant’s space in the program. The remaining balance of tuition (full tuition minus deposit) will be due by June 1, 2017.

“How do I connect?”
Coastal Connection provides 6th and 7th grade girls an opportunity for exploration along the Maine coast. During their 5 days at CSG, the girls will live together in our 1840s era farmhouse. Our days will be filled with adventures in the mud flats and along the rocky intertidal zone in our backyard, day hikes in nearby state parks, and visits to several of the marine science facilities that pepper the Maine coast.

These adventures provide plenty of fodder for our essential question: “How do I connect?” Through inquiry, observation and guided reflection, each girl will deepen her understanding of how she connects to herself, to others, and to the natural world.

A typical day in Coastal Connection
6:30am – Rise and shine.

7:00am – After the girls have had a chance to wake up, we gather outside the farmhouse and together will walk to the water’s edge for 10 minutes of “solo.” Solo is an opportunity to sit quietly, soak in the beauty of the woods, water, and fields around them, reflect, write in their journals, or set an intention for the day ahead.

8:00am – Once the girls have returned from solo, they will enjoy a healthy homemade breakfast in the farmhouse. Before each meal, a girl will select a quote or small reading to share with the community. The girls will sit together to enjoy food and each other’s company.

9:00am – The morning adventure could take us into the fields for a team-building activity, to nearby Bradbury Mountain State Park for a hike, to Wolfe’s Neck Woods for a naturalist walk, to the mud flats for an investigation of marine life, or to a nearby science facility to meet scientists and get a taste for their work.

12:30pm – If our morning was spent near campus, we will return to the farmhouse for our midday meal. If our adventure has taken us farther afield, we will enjoy a packed lunch together before continuing with our afternoon.

1:15pm – After a busy morning, the girls will have 45 minutes to relax and unwind. If we are at the farmhouse, each girl can find her own slice of quiet space to read, write letters, journal, nap, or draw. If we are out in the field, we will find our own “sit spots” to have a few moments of solitude before the afternoon activity.

2:00pm – Our afternoon adventure may be a continuation of the morning’s activities or a new exploration of ourselves, our community, or our landscape.

5:15pm – We will return to the farmhouse in time to wash up and enjoy a delicious homemade meal. Following dinner, our whole community will take several minutes to tidy up the farmhouse from the wear-and-tear of the day.

6:30pm – In the evening, our activity will focus on ourselves and our relationships. Team challenges, games, workshops, or artistic endeavors are all potential options for this valuable community time.

8:45pm – To reflect on the day, we will wrap up each evening with “Closing Circle.” Closing Circle provides each girl a chance to share the highs and lows of her day, and an opportunity to answer an interesting question posed by one of the leaders. Closing Circle is a valuable moment to slow down, process the day, check-in with individuals, and deepen our sense of support as we share bits of ourselves with the community.

9:30pm – Lights out.

For an application or more information please click here.